The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood is a charitable non-profit organization with over a 100 year history of giving back to our community, with both financial and volunteer support. Our facility is rich with architectural details and has had its doors open to the community for 7 decades as a gathering place for all types of events. Proceeds from rental events go toward the maintenance of our historic facility, as well as various charitable organizations in Bergen County that we support.

We offer a versatile event space with three separate function areas and an outdoor garden that can be used separately or together to accommodate groups from 20 to 300 guests. The Woman’s Club caters to a wide variety of events, including social functions (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, children parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties, etc.),  corporate events (training, meetings, dinner receptions, team building, workshop, etc.), non-profit events (fundraisers, meetings, etc.), performances (dance recitals, etc.), tradeshows and many more.

The Clubhouse is available for events 7 days a week, is fully air conditioned, has a fully equipped kitchen and is handicap accessible. You and your guests can enjoy the classical charm of our facility, beautiful garden, with the convenience of modern amenities.


Banquet Rooms

[img src=]1230Clubhouse Main Entrance
[img src=]1430Lovely Ballroom set-up with Rented Tables & Chairs
[img src=]1120Our Foyer between Ballroom & Living Room
[img src=]28230
[img src=]1190Our Clubhouse Rental Office Hours
[img src=]29330
[img src=]27730
[img src=]27450
[img src=]27240
[img src=]24410
[img src=]990
[img src=]22450
[img src=]910
[img src=]22370
[img src=]20990
[img src=]21280
[img src=]21740
[img src=]20920
[img src=]19900
[img src=]19990
[img src=]19720
[img src=]18950
[img src=]19270
[img src=]18980
[img src=]18520
[img src=]18920
[img src=]18620
[img src=]18770
[img src=]17800
[img src=]760
[img src=]17760
[img src=]730
[img src=]18910
[img src=]680Welcome your guests from Main Entrance to Foyer
[img src=]610Our Balcony
[img src=]650Loved this Wedding
[img src=]590Beautiful Wedding Set-up
[img src=]620Our new chairs look great!
[img src=]500


We work with a variety of talented vendors who are both familiar and experienced with events at our Clubhouse. Please click here to review our Preferred Vendor List.


Click the links below for detailed information about each event type.



Young Adult Events

Special Events

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