FAQ’s- Details

Please read our list of preferred stores who supply liquor. The bar area must be in the main hallway. This is necessary to avoid leakage on the ballroom and living room floors. Leakage will warp floors and damage the carpets. Liquor should be removed from the premises immediately following an event by the client, caterer or the liquor store. The parties hereby further agree that the rental client or clients shall indemnify and save harmless the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood from any and all liability arising out of the consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage persons resulting from the use by the rental client of the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood.


Download our list of preferred Caterers, Florists, Musicians and Event Planners. The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood must have proof of caterer’s insurance. The caterer must designate The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood as the Certificate Holder for the day. Our Fax number is 201-444-2963. Stoves and ovens are to be used for warming purposes only according to New Jersey State Fire Code. Stoves, floors, counters, refrigerator (inside and out) must be left as clean as they were found upon caterer’s arrival.

Cleanup time
Pricing includes setup and cleanup by the caterer, our kitchen is to be used for warming rather than cooking purposes. ALL GARBAGE MUST BE REMOVED from the premises after each event, including recyclables or a $75.00 Fee will be deducted out of your Security Deposit. It is the caterer’s responsibility to provide garbage bags.

Security Deposit
A $750 refundable security deposit is required on all rentals. this deposit is to be returned to Licensee within two weeks after the Term if there are no overtime charges and the Clubhouse has not been damaged during such use in any manner, or applied to the cost of Club property during Licensee’s occupancy, at its sole cost and expense. Licensee will be solely responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of Club property damaged during Licensee’s occupancy.

Event Cancellation Policy 
The agreement may be cancelled by Licensee at any time not later than 6 months before the Term, on notice in writing to the Club and Club will return 50% of the deposit money and 100% of the rental fee paid. If cancellation occurs after the 6 month period the Club shall keep the entire paid deposit, but will return the entire rental fee paid. If cancellation occurs 2 months or less before the Term, the Club shall also keep 50% of the rental fee paid, unless the date is rebooked.

Layout of club – See floor plan on our Facilities link.


Three designated handicap parking spots are available onsite at the Woman’s Club, plus 6 other parking spots. We are surrounded by convenient on street parking (where guests would have to abide by posted street parking regulations). Also, arrangements can be made with Westside Presbyterian Church, located across the street, where an additional fee would apply.

Having security at your event is suggested for all events at the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood, particularly events held where minors are present. It is mandatory for security to be present at all events where minors between the ages of 13-18 are the majority of the guests. Please click here to download a PDF of the Security contract.