About the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood


The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood is a Charitable Non-Profit organization committed to strengthening our community through our members’ fundraising and volunteer efforts while promoting social involvement among our members. We support charities and other organizations in the surrounding area . Our focus is to help woman, children and the elderly. Each year, over a dozen local grass-root charities apply for grants to support specific capital or operational needs, in our 2016-2017 we donated over $25,000.00 to these charities. Though, we open our Clubhouse to everyone via rentals, we also grant free usage to Charities.

Recently we have had a number of huge expenses, a New Boiler, replacement of unsafe french doors in our Ballroom, new chairs, all which had Safety/Urgent classifications and other upkeep, renewal and replacement needs.

Please consider donating to our Capital Fundraising Campaign:

In April 2019, we initiated a Capital Fundraising Campaign, in order to cover a number of outstanding Clubhouse Non-Safety but Urgent repairs and upgrades. Here is our press release we are sending to our Members, Club Friends, Alumni & Fellow non-profits.

Anita Srivastava
The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood
215 W. Ridgewood Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ  07450
Office:  201-444-5705

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service 1909- 2014 Member of New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs and the RIDGEWOOD Chamber of Commerce. “Like” us on Facebook

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