About the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood



The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood is a Charitable Non-Profit organization committed to strengthening our community through our members’ fundraising and volunteer efforts while promoting social involvement among our members. We support charities and other organizations in the surrounding area . Our focus is to help woman, children and the elderly. Each year, over a dozen local grass-root charities apply for grants to support specific capital or operational needs, in our 2016-2017 we donated over $25,000.00 to these charities. Though, we open our Clubhouse to everyone via rentals, we also grant free usage to Charities, so that they may have an opportunity to raise more funds that we can give. We also discount to other Civic and Non-Profits, this is hard on our budget, as we truly “embrace” our Charitable Non-Profit classification. We have had a number of huge expenses, a New Boiler, replacement of unsafe french doors in our Ballroom, new chairs, all which had Safety/Urgent classifications.

Please consider donating to our Capital Fundraising Campaign:

In April 2017, we had to initiate a Capital Fundraising Campaign, in order to cover a number of outstanding Clubhouse Non-Safety but Urgent repairs and upgrades. Here is our letter we are sending to our Members, Club Friends, Alumni & Fellow non-profits.

Our clubhouse built in 1928 is a home for our Club and has become one of the most coveted venues in our community. We thank all those women who worked hard to realize the dream of building our clubhouse.

Now, we must create an Emergency Fund large enough to pay for our current and anticipated needs for the next decade. Over the years, we have needed to use all of our funds and endowments, so generously donated by members, friends and/or their families. We have run amazing fundraisers that have paid off all of our outstanding repairs and improvements. But, as with all houses, the clubhouse needs tender loving care. At the moment, our clubhouse has a number of pressing needs for which we have no funds.

The Board has developed a target list of our most urgent improvements:

  • Replace the air conditioning units in the board & living rooms before the warm weather is upon us
  •      Address roof water run-off and drainage issues effecting our garden walkway & east side clubhouse wall
  •      Upgrade our stage lights with energy efficient LED fixtures
  •      Improve the walkway at the entrance on Monroe Street.

We also have a number of outstanding wish list items: replace siding / replace aging kitchen appliances / replace curtains in our ballroom / refinish the stage and boardroom floors / repave the driveway and improve its runoff.

We would deeply appreciate your support with a donation to the Woman’s Club of Ridgewood’s Capital Improvement Fundraising Campaign. We hope we can count on you. – Your contribution will determine the budget for improvements. Giving $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or an amount of your choice, will help us reach our goal. Please check the appropriate box on the reply card and mail it with your check in the enclosed envelope.

You may also use the Capital Improvement Campaign PayPal link button on our website ridgewoodwomansclub.com.

We thank you in advance for your support of the Club’s Capital Improvement Fund.

Sincerely yours,

The Woman’s Club of Ridgewood’s 2016-2017 Board of Trustees